Our floor plan shows the following areas included in your rental of Sound River Studios:

  • main hall   5490 sq ft / 510 sq m
  • entrance hall   589 sq ft / 54 sq m
  • kitchen   645 sq ft / 60 sq m
  • inner lobby   239 sq ft / 22 sq m
  • dockside terrace  1296 sq ft / 120 sq m (48' x 27')

Download the floor plan PDF below, and visit AllSeated.com to create custom floor plans for your event. As you think about your event, take a moment to view our drone video for a better sense of the layout, both inside and out.

The entire venue is street level--no stairs or elevators--providing unusually easy access for your vendors. Access via the street entrance in unlimited throughout the rental period. During certain hours, delivery vehicles can also pull onto dockside terrace from the end of 44th Drive to load directly through the garage door. (See below for hours of access.)

Guests arriving via the street entrance on 44th Drive proceed through the entrance hall and inner lobby into the main hall. Across the room, a glass garage door provides access to the dockside terrace on the waterfront. The main restrooms are accessible from the hallway off the inner lobby while two wheelchair-accessible restrooms are available in the entrance hall.

Arriving by boat to our private dock, guests enter the main hall through the glass garage door (8'7" H x 9'7" W). For yacht service directly to the venue, please inquire with SRS staff about options and rates.

The venue rental includes the dockside terrace directly in front of the event space. Erect a partition (e.g. screen, soft wall, hedge wall--see photo below) on the dockside terrace to separate your event from the bar and create privacy for your guests during your event.

As your event ends, however, and the partition is removed, your guests are welcome to migrate next door to the relaxed, late night atmosphere of Anable Basin Bar & Grill. The bar is always open from 430pm Mon-Fri and from noon on Sat-Sun during warm weather, roughly April to October. Please contact the bar manager to inquire about groups smaller than 50 persons.

 ©Nino Marcutti

©Nino Marcutti