Event planning is a complex business of myriad details. We have endeavored here to provide you with useful information as you organize the many elements of your event. It’s our goal to be a reliable resource for you as you create your event, so if you have questions we’ve not answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help.

Do I need to hire an event planner?

Sound River Studios is a large venue typically booked to accommodate guest counts of 75-450 persons. Events of this size require careful preparation and experienced organization, and we require our clients to secure the services of a competent event planner to coordinate their events. Should you need a referral, we can direct you to a number of experienced professionals capable of managing your event.

Planners typically offer several tiers of service, from a basic package (limited to planning guidance and day-of management) to more elaborate schedules of services (budgeting, scheduling, vendor liaison, logistics, programming, etc.). The level of service you choose will be determined by your budget and the complexity of your event.

Clients and their planners are responsible for day-of management which includes supervising every vendor at every stage of the event from load in to load out. This includes deliveries and pickups by vendors; monitoring the event timing to be sure you remain on schedule; and ensuring your guests and vendors comply with house rules and state and local regulations. You want to enjoy your wedding day, so it’s essential that your planner have a clear production schedule and be in control of all aspects of the event from start to finish.

SRS will support you and your event planner throughout the planning process, answering questions about the facilities and offering logistical suggestions. A venue manager will be on site throughout your event, from the moment your planner arrives in the morning until the final walkthrough after breakdown.

©Bobby Taylor

©Bobby Taylor


When can my vendors and guests access the space?

Standard venue hours are 9am to 3am, with guests departing by 1am to allow time for vendors to breakdown and load out. Changes to these hours may be negotiated as needed. Your event planner / day-of coordinator must be present to supervise deliveries and pickups, manage vendor setup and breakdown, and monitor guest arrivals and departures throughout the hours of access to ensure your event functions smoothly from start to finish. SRS staff will be available to advise, but it is the sole responsibility of you and your event planner for executing your event as you envisioned it.

Are there any restrictions on vendors for my event?

Many clients have established relationships with vendors of goods and services they would like to provide for their events. SRS has no exclusive contracts, and we will do our best to accommodate the professionals of your choice. On request, SRS can offer referrals for a wide variety of specialized vendors. See our preferred vendors list for a partial list of professionals we trust to provide superior service.

Who provides bar service?

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The service of alcoholic beverages is regulated by the New York State Liquor Authority (NYSLA), and all alcoholic beverage service at SRS must be provided by a vendor with a valid license to serve alcohol in the State of New York and a valid Caterers Permit issued by the NYSLA for the date(s) and time of the event.

Request a Landlord Authorization Form from SRS which you will need to complete your application. Apply online, and forward proof (e.g. screen shot or receipt showing relevant details) that you have submitted your application for the permit. Upon receipt, promptly forward a copy of your NYSLA permit to SRS. (NYSLA typically delivers permits 1-2 weeks prior to the event date.) No alcohol may be served on the premises without the proper permit. See the NYSLA website for an application.

Most caterers are licensed to serve alcohol and carry insurance for its service at off-premise special events. Contact the NYSLA if your vendor is uncertain of their eligibility for the proper permit. If you are not working with a vendor licensed to serve alcohol, please contact SRS to discuss your options.

Cash bars are strictly prohibited at SRS. Contact us for possible alternatives.

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©Vladimir Radojcic

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©Nino Marcutti

What other services do you provide?

An SRS agent will be your contact throughout your experience renting the venue, from first inquiry to the return of your security deposit. This includes conducting site tours for you and your vendors, responding to questions and concerns about the facilities, and providing logistical suggestions as you plan your event. In addition, an on-site liaison will be present during your event to answer questions and provide assistance related to the facilities. We also provide basic cleaning and trash removal after the event. Please consult our list of preferred vendors for any additional services you may require.

What are your rules regarding music?

Bands may perform until midnight, DJs until 1am. Sound systems may not be used in the outside space because, oddly enough, residents of the skyscrapers nearby don’t want to hear our music. If you would like your event to end later than our standard hours, or if you wish to book a concert, please discuss this with us on your site visit.

Can I ask for a cover charge/admission fee at the door?

Online ticket sales are fine, but SRS does not permit clients to charge entrance fees of any kind at the door. Please handle any such transactions prior to your event. The entrance hall has ample space for guest card or check in tables should your event have the need.

©Vladimir Radojcic

©Vladimir Radojcic

Who is responsible for clean up?

SRS will provide a clean space for your event, and you are expected to return it in the condition it was provided—mopped and broom swept where necessary. Although basic cleaning will be handled by SRS staff after you have vacated the premises, you may be charged for any excessive cleaning or repair issues as a result of your use of the event space. To get your full security deposit back, your event staff must complete the following breakdown procedures at the end of your event:

  • All centerpieces, candles, and additional décor not taken home by your guests or staff must be disposed of by the vendor or client. All décor items must be removed or discarded as per house rules.

  • If you will need to leave any items for later pickup, arrangements must be made in advance. SRS cannot be responsible for items left on the premises without prior agreement.

  • Leftover food must be disposed of or removed by your staff.

  • All rental items—tables, chairs, glassware, dinnerware, linens, kitchen equipment, etc.—must be repacked/crated and stacked neatly at the rear of the main hall ready for pickup. Any SRS property must be separated from outside rentals.

  • Your staff must break down all boxes, separate and bag recyclables and garbage, and place all refuse in the appropriate containers by the end of the event. Your event planner/day-of manager will be shown where to have your staff place garbage for removal by SRS staff.